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Eli-Hastings-Headshot-Small-1024x819I’m an author and counselor living in Seattle with my brilliant, dancing doctor wife, Lili, and nutcase toddler, Pax. I believe deeply in the ability of narrative/storytelling to heal trauma, , so I’m the Assistant Director of Pongo Teen Writing. Through both my books, but especially my recent memoir, you can see how the sorrows of mental disorder and addiction have affected my life. Because of this I just finished my MA in Marriage and Family Therapy and clinical internship counseling youth and am proud to call myself a marriage and family therapist associate (for now). I also hold an MFA from UNC at Wilmington and teaching writing is part and parcel of what do in my work as a counselor. I hope to build a career of service to narrative and healing and plow the literary world with some novels, too.

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You know how it is (if you’re a distracted political junkie like me): you catch snippets.  A CNN headline while you’re whipping up rice for your toddler or an NPR utterance while you’re merging into the morass of shitty Seattle drivers on Mercer.  Or a more sustained report of outrageous stuff if you’re commuting and […]



  What is nostalgia?  I’m not even sure I’m trying to define the right word.  It’s the closest that I can come to the sentiment blowing around inside of me.  It could be that I latched onto the concept of nostalgia because I once read in a Spanish novel, “la nostalgia me pisaba los tacones.”  […]

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Richard Sherman & Macklemore: Seattle Raises Race

You can’t tell me otherwise—I’ve lived in and traveled through too many other sections of this nation: people think of Seattle as a “white” city.  And with good reason.  In 2010 the census put as at 69.5% whitey—though 33.7% people of color, however that works.  Secondarily people think of Seattle as Asian, also with good […]