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Eli-Hastings-Headshot-Small-1024x819I’m an author and counselor living in Seattle with my brilliant, dancing doctor wife, Lili, and nutcase toddler, Pax. I believe deeply in the ability of narrative/storytelling to heal trauma, so I’m the Assistant Director of Pongo Teen Writing. Through both my books, but especially my recent memoir, you can see how the sorrows of mental disorder and addiction have affected my life. I see clients at Changing Stories Counseling ,teens, adults, families and couples. I also hold an MFA from UNC at Wilmington and teaching writing is part and parcel of what do in my work as a counselor. I hope to build a career of service to narrative and healing and plow the literary world with some novels, too.

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So there’s this: was a kid, one of the crew, always a bit more daring, a bit more wild, a bit more in the face of the world. In high school days he was more likely to challenge an enemy to a proper fight than get in a sucker punch. He was more likely to […]


How to Slip Your Cage

  For survivors of Narconon and the Church of Scientology First, pretend to be delighted that you get to enter. If you buck and fight, it will only end in your blood spilt and a longer time until you are ultimately free. If you buck and fight, they will take the violence out of you […]



For C.A.F. The first time she remembered feeling it was when her older sister leapt to her death from the roof their two-story home. The girl had sort of known it was going to happen, in the way that five year olds know anything: a burst of violent language between bigger people like an explosion […]