About Eli

I am a father, author, psychotherapist and anti-fascist (not necessarily in that order always), living in Seattle with my auto-didact gardener love, Amanda, and my brilliant son, Pax. Through both my published books you can see how the sorrows of trauma, its attendant struggles, including addiction have affected those that I've loved the most. Because of this I completed my MA in psych, and became a psychotherapist focusing on T/trauma, especially early childhood abuse and sexual assault. I see clients through my practice at Changing Stories Counseling. I also hold an MFA from UNC at Wilmington and writing is still part and parcel of what do in my work as a counselor. Down with the fascist amerikan regime!

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  Her aunt used to tell her that nothing was pure.  As a sophomore cop, she believed that her aunt, while sweet and well-intentioned and full of empathy (no one was “all bad” etc.), would not have a made a good law enforcement officer.  There existed boundaries and lines and rule books and that was […]

Monday Morning in America

It’s another Monday morning in America and someone is blowing leaves.  They are soggy and heavy and so the diesel huff of the machine that must blow them labors like a foghorn through the filters of walls and windows.  The man or woman (let’s face it, it’s almost definitely a Latino man) no doubt wears […]

Kaya Part 2

The dog and I had a rocking summer. I was looking down the barrel of a senior year of college and despite the cushy liberal arts ticket that I had to ride, I didn’t let myself off easy and there was a load of work to do, so I took that as entitlement to fuck […]