About Eli

Eli-Hastings-Headshot-Small-1024x819I’m an author and counselor living in Seattle among ghosts and with my goofy, sensitive little boy, Pax. I believe deeply in the ability of narrative/storytelling to heal trauma. I'm the Assistant Director of Pongo Teen Writing, which shares this mission, and through both my books, but especially my recent memoir, you can see how the sorrows of mental disorder and addiction have affected my life. I see clients at Changing Stories Counseling , including teens, adults, families and couples. I hold an MFA from UNC at Wilmington and an MA from Antioch University, Seattle. Teaching writing is part and parcel of what do in my work as a counselor.

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Kaya Part 2

The dog and I had a rocking summer. I was looking down the barrel of a senior year of college and despite the cushy liberal arts ticket that I had to ride, I didn’t let myself off easy and there was a load of work to do, so I took that as entitlement to fuck […]


I should have known I’d make a good fool the first time I put on that stupid fucking paper ice cream cone hat. Summertime in this thriving strip mall/dying farm town is rough. There is nothing much to do—all of the kids that can afford to fly home and sleep 12 hour nights in beds […]

Kaya, Part 1

The interstate was jammed with broken heroes, or at least that was the track that my father hummed along with as he maneuvered the Subaru up the onramp. Maneuver might be too generous, or too precise, because of his imprecision, which arose with the euphoric haze that the little pills kindled in him. I’d learned […]