So here’s a snapshot of my book, the synopsis, and the quote I like the most from my dear mentor and bad-ass poetess, Sarah Messer. The book is already available; just follow the link. And please, please pass the word on. That’s all I’ll say here–there’s a blog connected to the press for more long-windedness.


Coming of age poor in spirit in the America of plenty is an old story that is yet endlessly new, beginning afresh every time a confused teenager tries to make sense of his privileged place in the world. Eli Hastings got a head start on this when his idealistic, permissive parents divorced, and he sought answers by sneaking out at night to play chicken with freight trains, write graffiti, and get high with friends. This youthful rebellion included an arrest and weekend in jail for drug possession and later jail for an act of civil disobedience during the World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle. Hastings recounts how a privileged, white, fiercely leftist American male tries to make sense of himself in relation to the contrary people and situations he finds in books and his travels to Cuba and Central America.

Falling Room is the tale of how one man matures through the sometimes violent blessing of social change and finds himself–and a sense of purpose–through the loss of innocence and naiveté. Reflecting on the firsthand experience of hip-hop and substance abuse, of the fracturing of family, the loss of his father, and of the imperialism of the United States, Hastings’s story offers a new and moving look at how families, nations, and individuals survive and heal.

“[Falling Room] is a book about the origin of protest—about finding, challenging, understanding, and ultimately forgiving the father and the fatherland. It’s full of tremendous talent, beauty, and energy.”—Sarah Messer, author of Bandit Letters and Red House


  1. Matt Tullis says

    Congrats Eli. I can’t wait to read it.

  2. Hell yeah, brother. Looks great. I gave it an Amazon preorder to drive sales up. Righteous. (-AQ.)

  3. will compton says

    Eli – its takes passion and alot of heart to write about one’s thoughts, dreams, aspirations, and failures and eqully impressive to share it with the world on print..I am happy for you in following your goal through to reality…I look forward to reading it

  4. Juan Escriu says

    Does it really have to say “a fiercely leftist American”? I think it sounds bad as the left is a major problem that we have (the other major problem that we have is the right).

    Can’t wait to read it.

  5. yo! congratulations eli. i am really really excited for you. ya heard? ya heard!

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