Condoleeza Rice and the Pit Bull

Amid the “restrained” Israeli destruction of Beirut and “collateral” massacre, while the Israeli “Defense” Forces mass on the border, while Hezbollah still fires missiles with ease into Haifa, the United States, as I assumed it would, is sitting on its hands while its violent, spoiled child stomps mud holes in the map. Recently Condoleeza Rice announced that Israel would be given a week before the U.S. would start being heavy-handed with recommendations that Israel slow down the carnage—Israel would have a week to “de-fang” Hezbollah.

“De-fang” Hezbollah? I’ve studied International Relations; I actually graduated with an honors degree in it. I have had the immense fortune to travel much of the world and to meet and befriend people from all over it. My eyes are raw from reading political journals, news articles, and blogs. And yet there are moments such as these when our leaders succeed in battering me with the baffle stick. I cannot understand how anyone with even a modicum of knowledge about the conflict in the Middle East could earnestly believe that this Israeli crime will result in the destruction or disarmament of Hezbollah—an organization that was founded, after all, to oppose Israeli aggression against Lebanon. It’s akin to the idea that turning Iraq into an internecine meat grinder with “elections” will make us safer from terrorists. Any policymaker who cannot see that these brutal bombings and this coming invasion are going to swell the ranks of Hezbollah should be severely chastised and sent back to Yale. But, apparently, the leadership of both the American and Israeli governments is that out of touch.

Or not? Maybe the alternative is too unpleasant to consider. If the Israelis know that their actions are not going to decimate Hezbollah, than we’re left with the question: why are they doing this? I have theories, of course, as does any student of world politics. There’s water, there’s land, and there is the simple, addictive joy of being the bully.

Israel has about as much chance of de-fanging Hezbollah in this manner as Condoleeza Rice has of de-fanging a pit bull. But who knows? Maybe I underestimate. So, I say, let’s see Condi take on an angry dog—I’d spring for pay per view for that. If she succeeds—instead of merely pissing the dog off more and getting mauled—I’ll still my hand, cancel my blog, and go back to my novel.

Ditto if the Israeli imperialists achieve the objective they’re presenting for their bloody endeavor.


  1. Dan Alamia says

    Thanks for reassuring me that I’m not the only one balking at our disastrous, self-destructive (and very expensive) foreign policy vis a vis Israel and the Middle East

  2. will compton says

    E – the sad part about this whole affair to me is that it serves as yet another reminder of the world’s (not just the US or Isreal)inability to live cohesively in peace….the unfortunate truth is that we are being flooded with biased images of yet another sad instance of death, yet other places such as Somalia and Sudan get almost ignored totally..I have been an optimist my whole life beleiving in the goodness of the human heart, but there comes a time when one must realize that the world is full of broken people with broken souls…in my opinion only the rebirth of our spirit’s through god will allow us to see the life and the fullfillment of our soul’s desires

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